Vito (Riffault) soprano mouthpiece .045

$225.00 $195.00

Riffault-made soprano mouthpieces have been, by far, the most consistent and beautiful players among the more modern of vintage pieces. Riffault produced soprano mouthpieces for a LOT of other companies, who then put their own facings and names on them. But, inside, they are ALL Riffaults. The mold for this design finally broke about 12 years ago, and it was never replaced. I have always thought that this design was closely aligned with the Selmer Soloist soprano piece and, although I have no knowledge or proof to support it, I believe that is is more than likely that Selmer had the Soloist made by Riffault. That is how similar they are- not the same, but closely related.

The thing that makes these pieces so special is the sound. It is rich and round, and the intonation is impeccable.

This piece is a beauty and it plays like butter. Don’t be put off by the tip opening and what you think that means. This piece plays effortlessly and fully on # 3 1/2 reeds. The response is smooth and the sound is full of wood and texture, too. Give a listen: