Open Sky Link Tone Edge soprano .090 tip


All I can say is this is NOT like any Link Tone Edge you’ve ever seen or played. This is one of my very early pieces and was one of a series I did for a major artist. I forgot I had it until today. So, how is it different from a modern Link Tone Edge? First, the throat is much bigger. The chamber has been completely reshaped. The beak has been lowered. How does it play? In a word: HUGE. It will take as much air as you can deliver and still have room for more.It’s quick, too. The response is virtually instantaneous

It can go from a whisper to an aggressive roar in an instant.The altissimo jumps off it and multiphonics are there when you want them. It is neither bright nor dark; it is both. You can make it as dark as you want or you can make it scream a la David Sanborn.

Think Liebman and you’ve got some idea of the range of this piece. This is it. There are no more of these.