Open Sky 2


$310 with Ligature & Cap

“It Performs Like a Ferrari!”


“The OS2 is a fantastic piece of equipment; exactly what I was hoping for. You are THE MAN for all things soprano!” – Tony Degradi, New Orleans

Players around the world are singing the praises of this mouthpiece. Why? Because its design is completely unique among contemporary soprano mouthpieces.

In the OPEN SKY 2, the chamber has been deepened, not enlarged, and it makes all the difference!

Here are its important qualities:

  • Medium chamber size
  • Unique long, deep chamber increases resonance
  • The fastest response of any soprano mouthpiece
  • Quick and agile tonal flexibility
  • Spot on instant and accurate intonation throughout the range of the horn
  • Subtones with ease
  • All the projection you might ever demand, instantly
  • Resonant, rich tone that is dark but alive
  • Better than having a great sound, it has a great voice.

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