Large Chamber soprano mouthpiece .047 (unmarked)

$265.00 $195.00

This unmarked, anonymous large chamber piece is rather special, I think. The chamber is longer and narrower than most large chamber pieces, closer to a “slant Link” shape than anything else. And it has a very beautiful, textured sound. The facing is appropriately short and it plays with an even tone and response. The tip is a C* tip, and I played it with Marca Superieure # 3 1/2 reeds. I was listening to a lot of Yusef Lateef this day, so my sound sample has a lot of blues lines, played slowly. You can really hear the texture and depth in this nice piece. Definitely a bargain, too. I picked it up in a group of unmarked pieces. They all needed to have the shank diameter enlarged, which has been done.

This sound sample is played on my Couf Superba 1 soprano.