HAWKES & SONS, London large chamber soprano .044

$325.00 $195.00

This vintage large chamber piece is in beautiful condition and plays with a warm, textured sound. The sidewalls are undercut, the response is quick and it is very resonant. It plays like butter with # 3 1/2 Marca Superieure reeds. I consider this piece to be quite reminiscent of a vintage Martin, perhaps with a little more “zing”. but just a tad. Don’t be put off by the tip size. I say it all the time: tip size on soprano is just not that important. What IS important is what is happening behind the tip. Once you get hip to the nonsense about soprano tip size, you’ll have a lot more enjoyment playing soprano. This tip plays full and strong. The tone is dark and woody, not bright or edgy. Great piece.

Here’s a quick sample of the sound and agility: