French Evette-Schaeffer alto saxophone mouthpiece .065 tip


This is a very fine French alto mouthpiece from the Buffet Company. It plays with that genuine rich, sweet French sound: full of overtones, even throughout the range of the horn. I’m a big fan of Buffet ( my alto is a vintage Super Dynaction) and their vintage mouthpieces are always interesting to me. This one has a cathedral-style throat, and plays with a warm but crisp sound, very precise and elegant. As always, this piece is made with top quality French ebonite.

It’s in extremely good condition with only a few small ligature marks. Someone treated this mouthpiece with care and respect. Plays easily with # 2 1/2 Hemke reeds. This is a  perfect upgrade for a student and will immediately improve tone and intonation. And, it is quite affordable, too.