Beautiful RIFFAULT soprano mouthpiece, C**


Riffault designs are my favorite vintage soprano mouthpieces because they always have a beautiful core sound, an elegant, pure voice and a beautiful feel and look. I am always happy when one arrives, and I cannot recommend it enough.
I consider it to be connected “at the hip” with the Selmer Soloist design, but at a serious discount in terms of cost.
Both pieces were made in France and I have always thought that it is “more than possible” that they came from the same plant. I have no proof but I know what I see and what I experience when I play them side by side. They are not the same, but they are cousins, I am certain.
For players who require a clean, articulate tone with quick response and the ability to blend in a section but also stand out in solo passages, this is the piece.
This lovely piece has been rebalanced. The table is flat, the facing is true and crisp and it speaks the way it was designed to speak
You will love it.