Made by Riffault in France, this Vito Melodia alto mouthpiece is one of the great, modern players. The sound is rich and alive, but elegant and pure. Riffault didn’t know how to make a bad mouthpiece, in my opinion. If you like the Selmer Soloist Larry Teal mouthpiece, you’ll love this piece. If you like the renown M C Grgeory alto pieces, you’ll love this one. As with every piece on Sopranoplanet, the table is flat and the facing is perfect. It plays the way it was designed to play. None better, in my opinion. Tip is .070.

This piece is a player’s dream: quick response, depth of sound and a perfect balance of light and dark. use it for ensemble work and it will light up during solo passages. It blends effortlessly in sections and still shines when in the spotlight. Don’t think this is hype. There’s a reason that Riffault made many of the great mouthpieces that were sold under different and expensive brand names.

I have meticulously balanced the facing, which was not right when I received it, which is very common. Once balance, this piece exploded with tone and sound.

And check out the vintage box, too. I love it!