I say this often, and I mean it: I’ve never met a lelandais mouthpiece I didn’t like. This one is special, nonetheless. It plays with a solid core sound, very resonant and with a certain dry sweetness that is highlighted by a lovely texture. The chamber is medium large and is shaped in that “oval racetrack” way that certain Lelandais pieces feature. I play a Lelandais Streamline on alto and it has the same chamber design.

The piece is marked CONNTABLE which is a common imprint for Lelandais pieces. This one is in almost pristine condtion, as the pictures show. The facing is crisp and this piece plays effortlessly on my Buescher Aristocrat I, with a gorgeous, resonant tone.

  • CONNTABLE (Lelandais) SWING tenor
  • Tip: .081
  • Price :$475