It took almost 9 years of study, development and testing to bring this mouthpiece to life, and I am proud to offer it to all players: ALMA Large Chamber soprano mouthpiece.


If you are seeking a rich, darker, clear and robust sound that is quick, resonant and versatile, give ALMA a look and a try.
If you want amazingly accurate intonation across the full range of the horn and demand the same consistency of tone from bottom to top, give ALAMA a look and a try.
Here’s the story: too many large chamber soprano pieces are “one-trick ponies”: they have a default sound that usually is completely different from register to register. Most of them create intonation issues as well, making a player think that the problem is “him” and causing all kinds of problems. Some large chamber pieces are very edgy because they only play with soft reeds; others are very small and dry-sounding because they only play with stiff reeds on very small tip openings. Again, the player has to make embouchure and air column changes during performance to try to control these various oddities.

Not so with ALMA.

All the work that went into creating this piece was centered on the player first: if the piece required the player to make changes while playing, it wasn’t ok. Throughout the prototyping period, I worked to refine the precise shape and contours of the chamber to create a truly amazing and versatile mouthpiece.
First, here is what ALMA “is not”:
  • It is NOT edgy and bright
  • It is NOT a “paint peeler”
  • It is NOT for a true beginner on saxophone ( no large chamber soprano mouthpiece is, in my opinion)
But HERE is what ALMA certainly “is”:
  • It IS completely consistent in tone throughout the range of the horn
  • It IS elegant and rich in tone
  • It IS very responsive with excellent articulation
  • It IS full and robust in sound and volume
  • It IS absolutely accurate in intonation through the range of the horn
  • It IS very responsive to different reed styles, allowing the player to really create a personal “voice” on soprano.


Here is a small sample of Alma


  • ALMA C for classical music
  • ALMA J for jazz soloist
  • ALMA JX on the Wayne Shorter sound spectrum
  • In black polycarbonate $355 In translucent white polycarbonate $365