Pat Marino

I’ve played the piece and it’s a joy! The Missing Link is a great piece and I’m glad I bought it after our conversation. Regards, and Happy New Year,

Philippe Lafrance

 I received it. To say it short : WOW ! That mouthpiece is now alive, easy blowing, full and even sound even on ppp (that is something), great articulation. I cannot be more happy. You do make wonders.  

RUNYON CUSTOM alto #5 ( .072)

Clean piece. I am told Art Pepper played one. Original tip, flat table and crisp, correct facing. As good as it gets for a Runyon Custom. And inexpensive, too

Steve Greisch

I received the mouthpiece today and what should i say….. wow it plays like hell , grreat sound and it has no edge it has “balls”. wow Thank you very much . I think with this piece i might consider … Read More

Tom Schneider

The S80 arrived and all I can say is WOW!! The transformation is simply amazing! Very responsive, much more flexible, palm keys and even G3 pops right out. The best part is you took a decent design and made it … Read More

Tyler Wilcox

I just received the mouthpiece and it plays beautifully, extremely sensitive dynamic control, dark harmonic center with precise intonation. I’ve been playing for a few hours now and I would add that it really makes the palm keys sing! In … Read More

Heiko Proske

Although a little late, I would like to thank you very much in this way. The mouthpiece is wonderful and it was a godsend. It behaves exactly as you described it. The tonal freedom that I have somehow lacked is … Read More

Common Problems for Soprano Players

There are a handful of common problems for soprano players that show up all the time in my correspondence. If you’ve been playing soprano for a while, these issues may be familiar to you, but if you are relatively new … Read More

Erik Clarke

Thank you so very much Sir! You have positively influenced my actual real life to a degree that you cannot possibly imagine. I am so happy that I spent the time to research the possibilities of getting a custom Soprano … Read More

Gary Kavalar

The adjustments you made are perfect . I am now able to pop out all the top end notes without shutting down. It’s great. Thanks for knowing what questions to ask and what adjustments to make. I am very pleased with … Read More

Johnny Guerrero

Received the mouthpiece. Great! I love it! Thanks, it’s perfect.

Brian Loudermilk

Wonderful!  Palm keys and everywhere else on the sax is in tune, and I can articulate the palm keys now.  I even managed an altissimo G.  Love the nice warm open tone I’m when I want that voicing, and I … Read More

Matthew Cartmell

Wow!!! I got the mouthpiece first thing this morning – what a revelation!! It’s fantastic – everything you said it would be, and probably more.  Many thanks, Joe.

James Garcia

WOW!  Low notes sound and high notes in tune.  Low C, Middle C, and High C spot right on according to my tuner!  Nice, warm sound.  With its Missing Link mouthpiece, my Yamaha is like a whole new horn.  Also, … Read More

Rob Davidson

The Mouthpiece arrived a few hours after your reply Plays fantastic the horn is very even from top to bottom those palm key notes are great and I can play with much more expression Intonation is excellent And that’s only … Read More

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