Chedeville large chamber soprano .045 tip

No question about this beauty. Plays with a golden tone, very even throughout the range of the horn. It’s in beautiful condition and has quick response and depth of sound. I played it with # 3 1/2 marca Superieure reeds … Read More

Flat Table or Concave Table?

This will be short. The whole idea that some manufacturers of sax mouthpieces actually design their pieces to have concave tables is ludicrous, both in theory and practice. Let’s start with the theory: the concavity is there so that the … Read More

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces at SopranoPlanet

First of all I would like to say MANY MANY THANKS FOR THIS MASTER(MOUTH)PIECES!!! They are so amazing! Needless to say that I’m happy! What a feeling to play them!!! Unbelievable! Joe, you are real Magician! Only positive emotions. Never … Read More

Rick Hogg

Hi Joe! The mouthpieces arrived yesterday and they play great!  I was even able to pop out some altissimo on the Rascher.

Anton Pyvovarov

After getting used to a bigger chamber and a broader dynamic range (compared to my trusty Riffault),  I started really enjoying the new qualities of the piece. A bigger, fatter, smoother and rounder sound with a lot of colour.  My … Read More

Kent O’Doherty

Mouthpiece arrived safe and sound…jeez Louise what a mpc! I knew that if you said it is good, it will be…IT IS GOOD. It works wonderfully with my Couf, clearing up some inherent quirks one gets with any saxophone. It … Read More

Steve Caron

Thanks Joe,the mouthpiece is a real joy to play and is very responsive, also very reed friendly. The Marca 2-1/2 reed actually surprised me and played very nicely ,and (the mouthpiece) also plays very well on VD Java green box … Read More

Uwe Pfeiffer

thank you for this soprano mouthpiece after I have received today I tried it. And it is really the best mouthpiece in that kind of sound I have found. The sound is warm but it is possible to push it … Read More

Claude Zobell

Received Mouthpiece , I played it for about 1/2 an hour before work this morning. Will play it more on lunch break and after school. I was worried it would be too dark , But I love it  Wish I … Read More

Ben Miller

I am a sax player in college who formerly used a Yamaha 4C (.49) mouthpiece.  The moment I played the ML (.58) the notes seemed to effortlessly jump out of the horn with a fuller sound that is easier to … Read More

Fred Cavese

Well, I’ve had the Missing Link for about 48 hours now and I’ve played it a lot.  I’ve put it through its paces.   And I want you to know:   I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, but I just … Read More

Reuven Schwartz

You recently made me this mouthpiece and I have to say, that it’s not just the sound that I sought, but even better. Now, I love my soprano more than ever and I find it a good match with my … Read More

Joe Emard

Had around half an hour to sneak off and play after work. WOW. It feels like I’m playing a totally different instrument the whole horn just lit up and it felt even from top to bottom. It’s gonna take some … Read More

Preston Logan

Having so much fun with this mouthpiece. Oddly enough the 2.5 kept closing up – threw a 3 on there and the whole experience was different. Tension, pressure in the throat – gone. Sound, well, it was kind of like … Read More

Ron Hutchinson

The Open Sky 2 with the 2.5 Legere was the best combo of the lot. F#3 and G3 sing out with ease, and low C1, B1 and Bb1 fit in with the tone of the notes up the scale. The … Read More

Paul Harper

I got the mouthpiece on Monday. It’s really great, Joe. So even across the range. I am really enjoying the big, colorful sound I get from it. And so comfortable to play. Thank you very much!

Dennis Collins

Wow! The Open Sky 2 was a significant step ahead for me… So easy to play and hyper responsive.  But the “Missing Link” is precisely what I was hoping for.  The richness and fuller harmonic, warmer tones…OMG! Joe your soprano … Read More

Davide Intini

Mouthpiece was received about 10 days ago and I am really diggin’ it. I am really happy with it, now it’s all on me and on putting in some practice hours !Thanks again for your kindness and preparation, hope someday … Read More

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