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There is a lot of information, insights and thoughts about playing soprano saxophone here. There are no “lessons”, just information and opinions that have been forged over a long time. You’ll find information on horns, mouthpiece styles, reed choice, intonation, … Read More


You’ve probably already noticed that you can’t just buy a mouthpiece from this site.  That’s because we need to have some contact and communication before I can have any idea about what kind of mouthpiece, with what chamber and facing … Read More


Welcome to SopranoPlanet SOPRANO SAXOPHONE MOUTHPIECE CENTRAL You’ve landed on SopranoPlanet, where every soprano saxophone mouthpiece is hand-crafted and play-tested by me, a dedicated soprano saxophonist for almost 40 years . You will find a lot of important information about … Read More


Welcome to Sopranoplanet, home of the world’s finest mouthpieces for soprano saxophone.   Take some time on this planet. You’ll find lots of important and interesting information about playing and enjoying the soprano saxophone.   Here you will find new … Read More


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You’ve probably noticed that there is no way to just purchase a mouthpiece from this site. That is by design I hope that you have had a chance to read a lot of the material on this site. And, if … Read More

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