There is a lot of information, insights and thoughts about playing soprano saxophone here. There are no “lessons”, just information and opinions that have been forged over a long time. You’ll find information on horns, mouthpiece styles, reed choice, intonation, bores, curved and semi-curved necks, players, recordings and sometimes some real treasures that come my way. I will share them here whenever I can. So, come back once in a while. Sometimes the information might be the same but the “change” has occured in you. It happens, thankfully and we grow.






Why Should You Get Your Mouthpiece Checked

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The short answer: most commercially made mouthpieces (I’d say easily 80 % and likely far more) are just a mess in some way or other, and that means they do not play correctly. Practice all you want on them. You’ll learn how to make them play as best as you … Read More

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