There is a lot of information, insights and thoughts about playing soprano saxophone here. There are no “lessons”, just information and opinions that have been forged over a long time. You’ll find information on horns, mouthpiece styles, reed choice, intonation, bores, curved and semi-curved necks, players, recordings and sometimes some real treasures that come my way. I will share them here whenever I can. So, come back once in a while. Sometimes the information might be the same but the “change” has occured in you. It happens, thankfully and we grow.






Response on Soprano Saxophone

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We all use the term “response” in speaking about how an instrument plays and particularly about how a mouthpiece performs. So, what exactly do we mean by the term “response”? For me, the best way to approach such a subjective concept is by analogy, and I find automobiles to offer … Read More

Soprano Saxophone: Many Ways to Deliver The Air

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Much too little attention is paid to the topic of “how” the air can be delivered when playing soprano saxophone. It is not easy to discuss but it is very easy to experience for yourself. Then , you can draw your own conclusions about just how much you can ‘create” … Read More

Straight Talk on Bent Necks

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Sound waves behave differently in a straight conic environment than they do in a conic environment that also has a bend or curve in it. That is an acoustical fact. But, what does that mean to a player? Does it affect “playing” at all? The answer is yes. And the … Read More

The Magic Is Real

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Preface:  I was fortunate to have known and to perform with Steve Lacy. I was also fortunate to have played his legendary #12 Otto Link Tone Edge mouthpiece and to have had his horn and mouthpiece in my possession for a year after he passed. Steve’s mouthpiece was a Link model … Read More


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A lot of mouthpiece problems originate here- on the table. Sometimes it is easy to spot, as with this high-end soprano mouthpiece from one of the well-known makers. Look at the picture. What do you see? Well, you see the area I circled, I hope, and if you do, you … Read More

The Trouble with Almost All Soprano Mouthpieces

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There’s a good reason that most players experience lots of problems on soprano: the mouthpiece they play is awful. It’s not the design that is awful. It is the simple fact that commercial mouthpiece makers don’t take the time to make certain the mouthpiece is correct. I would further say … Read More

Understanding Your Mouthpiece

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The amount of misunderstanding and pure nonsense surrounding saxophone mouthpieces is staggering, and it has consequences for students and players. First, there are consequences in performance, but there is also consequences in expense and in satisfaction and joy. In short, your mouthpiece can make your life miserable if it is … Read More

What About Large Tip Openings for Soprano ?

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What do you get when you play a larger tip opening on soprano? What qualities does it add or subtract, if any? These are legitimate questions and, unfortunately, there are way too many myths and old wives’ tales that abound regarding large tip opneings on soprano: harder to play requires much … Read More

Why Does A Mouthpiece “shut down”?

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  I am prompted to write this because of a discussion that is happening on a sax-talk website. An amateur player wants to know why his highly regarded alto mouthpiece just “shuts down” suddenly while he is playing. The responses, all well intentioned, are a collection of “the usual suspects”: … Read More

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