Carolyn Lee

Hi Joe, I received the new mouthpiece last night and had a chance to play for a bit. Once I readjusted the mouthpiece on the cork and my bottom lip, it plays super smooth! It’s definitely far more responsive and clearer … Read More

Vinny Golia

The mouthpiece came today. I have it on my G mezzo right now needless to say it’s killer!  Opened up the horn a bit more and there’s a lot of nuance, I had it on my Keilworth for awhile too. … Read More

Large Chamber soprano mouthpiece .047 (unmarked)

This unmarked, anonymous large chamber piece is rather special, I think. The chamber is longer and narrower than most large chamber pieces, closer to a “slant Link” shape than anything else. And it has a very beautiful, textured sound. The … Read More

RIA soprano saxophone mouthpiece #5

Not often found: New “old stock” RIA soprano saxophone mouthpiece, complete with box, original ligature and cap. This beauty comes in totally original condition. When I checked the table and facing, they were PERFECT ! Bullet-style chamber, quick response, gorgeous … Read More

Martin large chamber soprano mouthpiece .048

This is a beautiful unmarked Martin large chamber soprano mouthpiece, the preferred large chamber soprano mouthpiece for renown classical players !  It is in very good original condition and it plays superbly. I’ve had both marked and unmarked Martin pieces … Read More

Patrick O’Hare

It’s just arrived.  I am lost for words.  It is fantastic. It’s easy blowing and the tone is perfect.  It’s quite big, solid and warm. I never believed I would ever play Sentimental Mood on a soprano, but I just … Read More

Andy Geiger

The piece makes me want to play and play. Every contact I have had with Soprano Planet has been professional, and the products are excellent. I now have three pieces worked or made by you. All are really good, but … Read More

Olivier Roinsol

Hi Joe, it came today ! I The S440 soprano mouthpiece is just amazing on the Buescher tipped-bell, it plays perfectly in tune on it (!) and the sound is softer and a bit brighter than with the Missing Link … Read More

Borge-Are Halvorsen

Your mouthpiece arrived today. I had a chance to blow quite a few phrases before theatre time, and now I’m ready for its first gig. It’s utterly amazing! Big, rich, warm and clear sound just the way I like it, … Read More

French GEO. BUNDY alto saxophone mouthpiece .068 tip

I love these classic pieces, made in France  from great French ebonite. The design is really timeless and it produces a beautiful “dark cherry” sound, alive with partials and detailed with texture. Most of these pieces show up quite used, … Read More

Dan Gold

  As advertised on your web site (and I only bring this up because often ads and reality are different) the Via Coro has great projection and is very responsive. I get big and small sounds, soft and loud as … Read More

Jose Pessoa

The mouthpiece is everything you promised. It matches perfectly the Yani.  I was amazed how well the high range speaks so freely and clear. I tried it with the reeds I usually use V16 and Hemke. Hemke worked fine, but … Read More

Steve Lacy Mouthpiece : Link Tone Edge # 12

The amazing Steve Lacy mouthpiece. Actually there were 3 or 4 of them. The Link factory made them especially for Steve and when he departed this world in 2004, there was only one left. This is it. I played this mouthpiece … Read More

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