Soprano Saxophone: Many Ways to Deliver The Air

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Much too little attention is paid to the topic of “how” the air can be delivered when playing soprano saxophone. It is not easy to discuss but it is very easy to experience for yourself. Then , you can draw your own conclusions about just how much you can ‘create” … Read More

Complete 100% Guarantee !

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There are a few things that make Sopranoplanet unique but perhaps this is the most important: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee has been in effect since Sopranoplanet began, and it will always be so:   If, for ANY REASON AT ALL, a mouthpiece you receive from Sopranoplanet does not meet … Read More


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So, here’s a picture of 5 vintage large chamber soprano mouthpieces side by side. This picture alone should tell you something right away. Each of these pieces are very good players since I cleaned up the ubiquitous table and facing issues. That said, they are so different, one to the … Read More