The Magic Is Real

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Preface:  I was fortunate to have known and to perform with Steve Lacy. I was also fortunate to have played his legendary #12 Otto Link Tone Edge mouthpiece and to have had his horn and mouthpiece in my possession for a year after he passed. Steve’s mouthpiece was a Link model … Read More

Reed Placement & Ligature Placement on Soprano

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I’m writing this because I have noticed how many players, whether beginners or long-time players, do not seem to know about these subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle aspects of getting the sound and response they are seeking. REED PLACEMENT Where you align the tip of the reed on your mouthpiece can … Read More

Once You Know ……

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There is this unending myth that the soprano sax is a beast, but it isn’t. Play a well balanced mouthpiece on a soprano and you will know it very quickly. But most players have never played on a good soprano mouthpiece. Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t like the piece … Read More

Understanding Your Mouthpiece

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The amount of misunderstanding and pure nonsense surrounding saxophone mouthpieces is staggering, and it has consequences for students and players. First, there are consequences in performance, but there is also consequences in expense and in satisfaction and joy. In short, your mouthpiece can make your life miserable if it is … Read More

Why Should You Get Your Mouthpiece Checked

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The short answer: most commercially made mouthpieces (I’d say easily 80 % and likely far more) are just a mess in some way or other, and that means they do not play correctly. Practice all you want on them. You’ll learn how to make them play as best as you … Read More