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It ocurred to me that I should start taking some photos of brand new soprano mouthpieces that come my way that clearly show how bad quality control is from major mouthpiece makers. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent; the innocent are the folks who shell out real … Read More

Straight Talk on Bent Necks

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Sound waves behave differently in a straight conic environment than they do in a conic environment that also has a bend or curve in it. That is an acoustical fact. But, what does that mean to a player? Does it affect “playing” at all? The answer is yes. And the … Read More

Intonation on Soprano

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Many players make all kinds of claims about the supposedly “inherent” intonation issues of the soprano sax and pronounce that it is somehow much harder to master than alto, tenor or baritone. They really believe it, but it isn’t true. Why do they believe it? Because their experience with soprano … Read More

Reeds & Mouthpieces Part 1

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It’s an old story- cane reeds are the bane of many saxophone players. They are, by most accounts, “inconsistent”, “unreliable”, “problematic”, and, then, “just right”. That’s the same brand, same grade, same box even! I believe what I’m talking about here applies to all saxophones but I know it applies … Read More

Reeds & Mouthpieces Part 2

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So, how can one “magic” reed work where dozens from the same box have been complete duds? Well, the fact is that the “magic” reed is truly the “inconsistent” one and the rest were quite consistent. The problem, my friends, is not in your reeds but in your mouthpiece. That … Read More

The Important Questions

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Working long distance takes a little commitment from both of us, and I need to know as much as I can about you and your music.   Here are the questions that will help me to give you what you are seeking. Your answers are important.. Do your best. What … Read More

Reeds for Soprano

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Unless you’re new to playing saxophone, you already know that finding the right brand and strength of reed can be a tough and frustrating job. For soprano saxophone, I think it’s one of the most important things a player has to accomplish because it sets things up for the “real … Read More

What About Large Tip Openings for Soprano ?

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What do you get when you play a larger tip opening on soprano? What qualities does it add or subtract, if any? These are legitimate questions and, unfortunately, there are way too many myths and old wives’ tales that abound regarding large tip opneings on soprano: harder to play requires much … Read More

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