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You’ve landed on SopranoPlanet, where every soprano saxophone mouthpiece is hand-crafted and play-tested by me, a dedicated soprano saxophonist for almost 40 years . You will find a lot of important information about all things soprano on this site: about intonation on soprano saxophone, about common issues on soprano sax, about players, about music and about a lot more. Many people claim the soprano sax is ” a beast”, but that is just not so. Take it from a dedicated soprano player with a long career in music. I spent most of my musical life playing only the soprano saxophone. A great soprano mouthpiece makes a huge difference when it comes to playing and enjoying soprano sax. You will be amazed when it happens for you. Read what players are saying. It’s true. It’s really true.


The S440: our newest soprano saxophone mouthpiece !

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


 News! SopranoPlanet joins with MARCA Reeds!

Every new SopranoPlanet soprano saxophone mouthpieces will ship with a selected Marca Superieure reed, courtesy of Marca Reeds. Once you play one, you’ll know why!


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Try Taking LESS Mouthpiece on Soprano

Lots of well-intended advice about “taking more mouthpiece” seems to pop up all the time on various saxophone blogs and discussions, but rarely try taking LESS mouthpiece on soprano sax, and I think this is a very overlooked and important … Read More

Your Mouthpiece: Free Evaluation

Free evaluation of your mouthpiece. This is as simple as it gets. I will inspect and measure up your mouthpiece (soprano, alto, tenor or baritone), and report to you what I find regarding table, facing, tip opening and anything else … Read More